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Finding your formula for success

You are the one who can make your dreams come through, stop waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Habit for success

In order for you to be successful at anything it takes routine, and constant repetition. It may mean you experimenting with certain formulas, to get what you want out of your day and to finally find a plan that works for you. If you want to get lean and have the body you have always wanted then it takes work. Cut the shit and stop thinking someone can do it for you and that there is a magic pill, that will give you all the results without you doing a tap. I am sorry but NO…! It is simple GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MOVE. Take responsibility, Educate yourself and take time out to make a plan for yourself. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and PLAN……!

“We are what we repeatedly do.


When should a routine change?

Yes, you may be already training and doing lots of activities, but if you haven’t changed from what you are already doing, then the body will just adjust and you will stay in a state of flux

And not make any new gains. What you will find is that where you once hit the treadmill for 30mins and started to drop weight in the past to continue doing it on a regular basis

The body adapts to it and so you no longer burn like you did before. Granted the body will obviously benefit from it but not like before. Then suddenly you are on the treadmill or the

DREADMILL as I call it, going now for 50min to try and get the same results. So change it up.

While habits are brilliant and it keeps you in check you need to be clever with them and keep it interesting. Applying them where applicable and at the appropriate moment. So, make it

A habit to sit down every couple of weeks and plan new routines and new and exciting ways to get your results. Keep the body constantly guessing. Get your nutrition in check and find what works for you. Write everything down.

1. Plan and prepare the Night before: 90% of the time you know exactly what you are going to be doing the following day. So, get your food ready, throw your gear bag in the

Car and stock up on water. You know you have a few meetings to get to but there may be an opportunity that you finish early and can get into the gym for a quick session.

2. Prioritise your Health: look for foods that will benefit you. Look for foods that will give you the edge and help you throughout the day. There is nothing worse than having

That 3 O’ Clock slump and fighting to stay awake in a meeting. Total disaster and you are not going to be in anyway productive. This will also apply to anyone trying to get in

A solid training session. Training while tired only puts more stress on the body and you will not enjoy it and only end up going through the motions. So eat to fuel and repair.

Remember why you started all of this in the first place. Get rid of your ego, and re-focus on why you are doing what you are doing. All the lovely extras come along naturally

Afterwards. When I work with people, the goal is work from the inside out. You must look healthy on the inside too 😉 you are what you eat, taking that a step further you

Are what you absorb.

3. Visualisation: While it is not the common practice of most gym goers and fitness enthusiasts, it is a very useful tool used by top athletes across the globe. They imagine

Success, they see their victories and training sessions prior to doing them. They play it out in their minds like a movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger, said he used to visualise

Standing on stage, when he trained. He said he could smell the oils, feel the heat from the lights and hear the crowds roaring. He did all of this while doing a bench press

Or other exercise. He said that those reps were the most incredible as his mind was 100% connected to his body.

4. Rest: we tear the body down when we exercise. We don’t grow in the gym, we grow when we rest. We need to listen to our bodies. We move at such pace nowadays we are

Not hearing our bodies and realising that they will benefit immensely from time out.

5. Learning to Fail: This is without doubt the most important point for success. I always bitched about not having will power, not being able to do it. I tried and failed, I lost faith in the process and just gave up. For years wondering where this 6 pack could be. The thing is underneath all the layers of flab there are abs for everyone. It is up to you to find them. It came to my realisation while watching my son one day learning to walk. He fell and got up, fell again and got up, he did it over and over again and no point did he say ‘ah this Walking business isn’t for me’. NO he just kept on getting up. At some point in our lives, be it through our educational system or our parenting that we learn to fear failure.

When we fail we, we cannot do any worse so keep at it. So, I just kept at it with no date in mind, no time frame, just simply to keep at it. And guess what they appeared. I think I cried a little that day 😉 . I finally entered a new chapter in my life.


Usain Bolt

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