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Meal Planning is the key to success with any program. If you want to get ahead and stick with your diet then the only way forward is to have a lunch bag on hand and not get caught out. 


If you are hungry then as you know and none of this is Rocket Science, you will be tempted to buy something quick and easy. As the hunger increases you'll not really care about what it is you will put into your mouth.


Likewise shopping on an empty stomach. It's a receipe for disaster. If you want to end up putting all the wrong things into your shopping trolley, then don't shop hungry.


Where we get caught out is when we are taken out of our environment and end up travelling or never got a chance to get to the shops to get our supply of food that we would normally have in our prepared food bag.


Get yourself a food bag, a cooler bag and purchase food containers and lunch style boxes. Most of your food can be prepared a couple of days in advanced and can kept in the freezer. 




Can online dieting work for me? YES, YES, YES and YES....!

Does it work?

It's all about education & arming you with responsibility. Your plan is provided and broken down to the minute detail.  All you have to do is put it to your mouth and enjoy. It's that simple and the results are speaking for themselves. So does it work? Hell yeah, Dieting has never been so easy and foolproof.

It's all about you

The diet is developed around your needs and your tastes, so it is very very specific to your needs. Everything is carefully measured and Calculated especially for you. You will not have a one diet fits all  and although there will be certain aspects of the diet and ingredients the same as others, that is simply because we need you to adhere to certain processes and regimes for accurate measuring.

Keeping it simple

Life is all about convenience and no one wants to get caught up on how many calories they need to be eating, how much macros and micros and while the web is a phenomenal resource is certainly one of the most confusing and conflicting places to try and achieve any kind of success. So whether you are prepping for a show, getting ready for a marathon, have a wedding coming up, shifting the baby weight or a big lifestyle change I will help you achieve those goals.



Digestive wellness

Healthy cooking / Meal planning


Fuelling for Sport

Workout Plans

Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Competition Prep

DIET-Real Eating Everyday


I focus on the everyone no matter, who you are. I work with athletes/sports people and well established fitness trainers. From Martial Arts, Boxing, The gym goer, Soccer, GAA  to Rugby or if you simply want that Beach Body, then you have come to the right place.


For ME it's all about eating well and working with the foods you love. I want to know as much about you as possible and want to make you succeed. This is very important to ME, and this is where it comes with a warning....! To be successful it needs to be convenient, it needs your 100% commitment, it can not work if you only give 50% to it, it's all in or nothing. So don't make that decision lightly, park everything and be mentally prepared for the road ahead. Half commitment means half a success and you know you deserve more than that.


If you are here reading this then you have decided that you want to change your life around. You want that edge, you need that motivation. You certainly have come to the right place. It's all here, just needs that first committed step to begin.

M4U Nutrition - Jason Kenny


Here your Food Plan is kept simple, convenient and easy to follow. If you are looking to make that difference to your physique, losing weight, building muscle, toning up, increasing immune system, developing a roaring metabolism and even weight gain, then I will get you there, with help every step of the way. With 100's of clients and 100's of success stories, why not become a product of your own success and become that someone you have always dreamed of becoming. 


I am here to support you and with some amazing tips & tricks that have been so successful, for others and that we share with all of our clients. Dieting and eating well has never been made so easy. My clients have access to top online Nutrition, Fitness Coaching and have the luxury of accessing me from the comfort of your own home, hotel, while on holidays etc.

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