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Diet & Negative People

Have you ever tried to diet and or simply, eat well and have someone all sudden notice? When you thought no one ever noticed before what you are eating, suddenly they are very inquisitive about what you have for lunch. It can work well for you or can work against you. Why? You may ask, well let’s look at it from the positive angle, If they say ‘you’ll never stick to it’, you can set a goal that as sure as hell you are going to prove them wrong. Or on the negative side, when they smirk and say, ‘sure what are you eating that rabbit food for anyway, you know it is not practical and you won’t last on it’. You are now faced with a dilemma, a little lack of confidence because maybe you tried dieting before and it didn’t work for you. But were you in the right head space then? Are you in the right frame of mind now? You can fix this when asked are you on a new diet? By simply saying no just making a few changes and some healthier choices. It certainly will take the pressure off.

You see to most eating healthy is going to cost lots of money, take up way too much of their time and ruin their social life and stop them from living. For me I am simply bewildered, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself? At least for your health anyway. You’ll buy the best of clothes, a great car, go out a couple of nights over the weekend, hit the cinema and beg, borrow and steal to buy the latest IPhone on the market and go on lavish holidays. Yet you won’t invest in the very body that use day in day out. I don’t get it. People wait until they get a scare to make a change in their life, they wait until they are being wheeled down the corridor into the operating theater for open heart surgery to suddenly be heard begging all the higher powers to be give me one more chance I can change. The thing is you have had all the warning signs prior to this. It didn’t just happen overnight, this has been happening for the last couple of years. That build-up of Plaque on your arteries didn’t just arrive there suddenly. So, I think here it is time for a little helmet readjustment, cop the Fuck on people (excuse my use of foreign language 😊). If you want to live by the mantra ‘live wild, die young’ hell ya go for it, but I am 100% certain those in their last dying breaths would have given anything to live a day longer. If you want to be around and spend as much time with family, friends and see the out your life as possible, then I suggest you start looking at what you put into your body.

Negative People

Negative people are Toxic to us. Toxic, just as it suggests in the dictionary is poisonous, it can harm us or even kill us. Our day to day lives can be stressful enough. We are constantly faced with levels of stress, both personally and within our working environment, this can push us close to the edge and if it continues over an extended period of time it will eventually start to wear you down. We then reach our limits, bursting point. Our coping mechanisms, that we had in place are no longer functioning and life suddenly becomes a burden, a chore, an effort to get through. Day to day living is just a process and the vibrant person that you once were suddenly seeps right out of you. And as the old saying goes ‘when it rains it pours’. All the things you could deal with now you can’t. It is, therefore, necessary to mitigate stressors that threaten our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Like toxins in the environment, toxic people can inflict serious harm. Unlike many toxins, however, there is no type of “warning” that educates us on the threats of these people. So, we must rely on our good judgment on our instincts, to help and try and find a remedy for these toxic people.

These people are all around you and can interfere severely with your health and wellbeing. Some of them don’t even realise it. They simply have learned this behaviour and have carried it through into adulthood and just like a gas will seep into every nook and cranny taking down everything in its path. Others have become very aware of their ability and use it to manipulate others to get what they want and to at most justify their own failings. I have heard people in conversation as recent as last week chatting in a coffee shop locally, talking about losing weight. The gentleman at hand was obviously concerned about how he looked. He sat awkwardly, kept his hand by his tummy and every two minutes would pull his oversized shirt over his stomach to hide his bulging stomach. He was trying to engage his pal who, let’s just say was not slim by any means, into the conversation for moral support and encouragement. But to no avail. He was more interested in his double chocolate muffin, two packets of crisps and Cheese toastie. He told him he looked fine, he said he was being stupid and actually said ‘look at me, I couldn’t careless about any of that crap, who wants to be a health freak anyway? They are all miserable!’ At this point I did chuckle a bit, fortunately, although they heard me they, didn’t realise I was listening to their conversation. They went on to chat and the guy desperately looking for help, got none of it. But a funny thing happened. The guy who wanted to lose the weight, eventually broke and got himself two muffins, all to the delight of his so called friend. Now, there you have it, one very toxic individual, he wanted to eat whatever he wanted and somewhere in his logic, wanted to have someone like him so he could continue on his road to destruction.

Everyone has and opinion...!

Getting rid of Negativity

Unfortunately, there is no simple way around this other than to take a step back from all those external stimuli that are affecting us and our success. If you surround yourself with positive people and a healthy environment you will in turn absorb that way of life. The People closest to you influence you more than you realise. The reason for that, is we usually and for some people are always in need of our peer’s approval. We don’t want to lose our social standing, for the most of us acceptance is everything. So if you spend time around someone who is healthy there is a probability you will adopt certain characteristics from their habits. It is our human nature to be influenced, so be clever when dealing with negativity and toxicity. Identify it and put yourself into a better one, that you know will benefit you in the long run.

You need to raise the bar for yourself, set higher standards for yourself and aim to be the best you can be. You must raise your standards above your peers if you want to make any lasting. There will always be some negative influences in your life or people that may judge you for your decisions, but you can’t let that affect your goals. If your standards are high so too are your rewards. Eventually people will look up to you and be inspired by how you’re living your life and the results you’ve achieved. I have seen this first hand. I have been blown away by not only people who I know write, text, email even phone to say how much of an inspiration I have been to them and that they are using it to help motivate themselves. But on top of that complete random strangers also contact you. If that isn’t enough to spur you on nothing will. Do we set out to do that? No, but when it happens it is wonderful and on top of helping yourself, suddenly you start helping others albeit unknowns to you. So why not be that person who can help others instead of the toxic individual that holds people back from who they want and would like to be….!

Anyone can workout for an hour, but to control

what goes into your mouth for the other 23hrs


Time to be Positive

When you change your environment, things become a little clearer. You start to investigate your diet further, your training regime, gets better, your social life, your outlook, your attitude changes. You also start to attract new people, more like minded people and you know what is amazing, those who were hampering your progress all along suddenly start asking you how you did it. How Ironic…! You become a goal setter. For the first time in your life you actually feel you can achieve those goals. You start to set bigger and better ones and each time you nail it. But here is where it is important. Even when you don’t achieve your goals, you will keep at it until you do. You have acquired a new life skill, how to deal with negativity and turn it into learning, to make yourself a success.

No Longer the Cheapskate

Now that you are focused you don’t mind investing in yourself. Your priorities have changed and continue to do so. You have a higher standard and better belief in yourself. You don’t skip on cheap food, for convenience sake and realise that healthy good nutritious food can be exciting, and convenient once you have made an effort to train and educate yourself in the kitchen. Prepping your food becomes part of your life and the longer you continue to live this lifestyle and healthy eating, they just become part of the norm and your food prep becomes quick and easy.


but it will annoy enough people to make it worth it

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