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Some very happy Clients

I can only recommend Jason at m4unutrition and his absolute pro support. Thanks for everything and the very nice and funny check ins every week.

It was May 20, 2016 as i sat behind the drums, playing with my band in the second largest venue in Vienna the greatest gig of our ba...nds history. After the second song i was completely out of breath. But there were 5 more to go... i achieved my all time high score of 105 kg. i knew i have to change something. now. weeks later i joined a friend for a jam session and i was blown away by his unbelievable weight loss! he told me about m4unutrition and a good friend of him who run this business. so i contact Jason and i decide to start a 12 week plan. i was very curious about the progress and if i can achieve my ambitious aim of 85kg. From the first day i was totally focused and mentally prepared for my new lifestyle. It was not one day where i was complaining about my decision because every time i looked in the mirror i was more motivated. I'm not the gym type but i and do 3 runs in a week to the plan, the rest is history. After the 12 weeks i lost 15 kg (33lbs) and I'm hungry for more. the journey is not over. next stop: 85kg. Nice side-effect: my wife loves my new body too ... :-)

i can only recommend Jason at m4unutrition and their absolute pro support. Thanks for everything and the very nice and funny check ins every week.

Here are some measurements before/after

Weight 105kg / 88kg (33lbs lost)
neck 46 / 40,5 cm (2.3in lost)
biceps 40 / 36 cm (1.5in)
thigh 59 / 54 cm (2in)
waist 108 / 98 cm (4in)
hip 104 / 97 cm (2.7in)

million thanks for your help and your inspiration. From Vienna with love 😃,


Mario Mersich - Austria

Mario Mersich - 8 WEEK Plan

Ciaran Downey; I recently started a 12 week program with my Nutrition Coach at M4U Nutrition. The whole process of getting set up was so simple and incredibly professional. The Plan is specifically for me and the Goals I want to achieve. On top of my Coaches knowledge, the motivation and support is amazing. I would recommend this service to any person no matter what their personal goals are.

Ciaran Downey - 8 WEEK Plan

Sonia McMahon: I was desperate for a change and wanted to do something about it. Life was in a rut and no matter what I tried I could never lose the weight. I heard of M4U through a friend and I was amazed at their results. I said I'd give it a go, but didnt hold out much hope to be honest. I can not believe the quality of service I got. Every question answered. If I was in doubt about any product or meal I could send a picture and have a response almost immediately. its like having your own personal/Nutritionist trainer in your pocket. You have access to your nutrition coach at your convenience. I was 14.8st  and 5'3" I was embarrassed how I looked. I began my journey and I will admit It was tough at the start, but I stuck to it and listened to my coaches advice. Today I weigh, 9.3st and feel amazing. I have for the first time in years bought a size 8-10 dress for my Cousins up and coming wedding. THANK YOU....!

Neil Bartholomew UK- 12 WEEK Plan

So this was my challenge from returning from Japan being inspired by a friend of mine and his results. I logged onto I can't believe i have managed this transformation. Never feeling confident in myself to take my top off in public to now feeling comfortable and really happy with what I have achieved to date. I never thought this possible but my Nutrition Coach stayed with me all the way and in only a short few weeks. Everyone is commenting and asking how I did it? I am no where near my personal goal yet, but I'm definitely heading in the right direction. I can't wait for the next couple of weeks. I can only imagine what's in store in the next chapter..!

Danny Bullman Ireland/Austria- 12 WEEK Plan

Danny Bullman, after a series of injuries and a world of pain. Danny was not as mobile as he would have like to have been, as a result he piled on the weight, through bad diet habits and lack of exercise.


I had been loaded up on Medication to accommodate the pain, as a result I ballooned up in weight. It started to affect all aspects of my life, from Tattooing to Stage. Going for a walk was an effort. I got in contact with M4U Nutrition to help me. And within intial contact I started feeling motivated and inspired. After just 3 weeks I had lost a stone in weight, and steadily kept losing. Going from 94.3kg to 80kg, surpassing my target of 85kg. I am thrilled and while I have plenty of shaping up to do yet, my journey is not over, but one I can't get enough of. Thank you for everything. 

Starting Weight 105.7kg current weight 77.2kg

Robert Moloney belt
Roger Cussack
Audrey Daly Before & After
Ray Flynn Before & After
body fat


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