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The Science & Athletes

Giving your body a fighting chance

The trouble nowadays is you will hear people say how fit he or she is. Then something happens, and illness sets in or an injury will not go away. You see the body starts to break down over time and regardless of how hard you try you can not beat time. Yes. Time, it creeps up on us all as we grow older and our body breaks down. So, while, exercising and diet play a fundamental role in a longer life, excess can lead to faster catabolism.

Take Athletes AND high achievers in any discipline. It comes with sacrifice. They didn’t just arrive at the podium to pick up their medal, HELL NO, they spent weeks, months and years developing and fine tuning their personal machines. Each and everyone looking for the edge and willing to put themselves on the line for a piece of silverware or medal. Most don’t even get paid for it and yet still find it an attraction to compete.

This innate in humans since the dawn of man. We just love to compete. It’s the recognition, notoriety and Sometimes the personal Challenge, that drives us humans to push our bodies beyond their limits.


Some amazing developments in performance have taken place for those athletes introduced Kangen Water® They have seen a dramatic improvement not alone in training but also in lifestyle. Many athletes suffer from chronic injury, inflammatory disorders, every day gym goers experience the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness. Lactic Acid build up mainly produced in muscle cells and red blood cells. It forms when the body breaks down carbohydrates to use for energy when oxygen levels are low.  Combining Kangen alkaline water with an alkaline diet is key to success. By increasing the level of PH, it allows the body to do its job and helps reduce the body’s acidic levels. The buffering systems, within the body can then work more effectively.

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Shan Stratton on the effects of Ionized Water and Athletes

Just because your Fit, Doesn't mean you are Healthy

The Important thing to know is that just because an athlete is fit doesn’t mean they are healthy. In fact most athletes suffer chronic inflammation and injury, through their careers, leaving them crippled in later years. All goes on the line while in competition or while in peak performance . But this needs to be taken a step further and look deeper into the longevity and the reason that health and fitness is so called health and fitness. It is not and should be a reason a person destroys their body . There is enough information floating around nowadays to educate even the most basic of trainers. So the general awareness is that in order to survive the modern world of competition, every athlete and competitor deserves the edge. Have that extra tool in your tool box can mean the difference between winning and losing.

By increasing alkalinity in your diet you allow your body a fighting chance to get on with it’s job, keeping and maintaining the blood Ph at 7.365. We are living in such an acidic eating environment every day it’s hard for inflammation reduce. By Increasing the body’s buffering mechanism, by reducing the acidic by-products the system can work more efficiently.

Kangen water ha changed the playing field when it comes to performance, recovery, mental clarity, mobilisation of oxygen and fat cells. The more Water you take in to the tissues and cells the more you reduce the acid build up in the muscles.