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Give them a chance

I continue each day to try and off load a little piece of independence and learning to my children in the hope, that one day, they will become well rounded young men, capable of making some good life choices and not afraid of doing things for themselves like, what most entrepreneurs do. Except for alot of us it's that fear of taking that leap, leaving a full time job, steady income and suddenly doing it for ourselves and for the first time not having to work for someone else.

Those days, when men had meals served up to them, food bought for them are sincerely gone. I for one am delighted, that attitude has changed because I believe we all should be capable of standing on our own two feet and self supporting. We should not be expecting anyone to wait upon us... EVER. This is only acceptable, when invited for a meal to their home or by their choice of an open invitation , not because you expect it.

Being waited upon and having things handed up to you doesn't liberate you, in fact it imprisons you. Not being able to do It for yourself takes away your independence and disempowers you.

Tristan, saw the fun in picking things out, even though he isn't fully aware of what is contained in each product, he can clearly understand which one is good and bad because of my choices. Its an education, talking colours, playing guessing games, and having quizzes and as a result puts them in the trolley the next time we shop, not that it's always required, as we can end up with alot of anyone product lol. Those little minds are constantly observing

We go to the check out, place the goods on the belt and he pays the lady, packs the bag (and if I don't let him, gets fairly hot under the collar) and says Thank you..!  and if she doesn't hear him, he says it again and again until she does, then of course high five's her. She breaks a smile and laughs and so do the shoppers. But interestingly the other child in the line, starts to copy him. So learning can be fun, infectious but also crucial to the development of better society.

I am so glad he will be independent, know that it is always important to be thankful and make his own right choices, that will benefit his health and see it as the norm.

Be aware of what kind of an influence you wish to be, and even if you think you're not, those around you are always watching. If you wish to live by example and help others from family, friends to employees then be conscious of who you are and what you represent. Take care of you, you are so important and the space you have been given to live in, learn to love it.

little minds are constantly observing.


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