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Team M4U Win at WBFMA Irish Championships

After a tedious 12wks of hard dieting and training Team M4U cleaned up at the Irish Championships in Belfast. The World Bodybuilding and Fitness Model Association, hosted a fantastic event as always and on the Back of his win at the Worlds November 1st in Physique, 2nd in Athletic Physique, Jason won again =, this time 1st in Physique, 1st in Mens Athletic Physique, 2nd Mr Beach Body and Over All Mr.Physique Title. To Top it off Audrey Kenny won Miss Bikini and Yummy Mummy Categories. If that aint proof that what they say works nothing is. A special Thank you to Monsta Clothing Ireland who supplied the phenomenal Clothing and who were there on the day showing off their incredible range of clothing. Now available online at just type in Code: M4U when you go to purchase and get yourself a discount.

Jason Kenny Winning Over all Mens Physique Title 2017

Jason & Audrey Kenny, NiFMA Irish Championships 2017

Team Monsta Ireland

Monsta Clothing Ireland, sponsors of Team M4U, Jason & Audrey Kenny, NIFMA 2017

Irish Fit Family, at WBFMA  Irish Championships, 2017

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