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Sweet Healthy Bread


500g of vanilla yogurt

300g of oats

1 Medium egg

½ teaspoon of Baking Soda

3 x scoops of Vanilla flavor Protein.

2 x tbsp of raisins

100g of chocolate drops

Handfull of Walnuts

Optional Extras

1 Tbsp of Custard

1 Tbsp of Almond flakes

1 Banana

½ tsp of Vanilla essence or Almond essence


Put all your ingredients into a mixing bowl. I prefer to put in the walnuts first, then add in the Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt, followed by the oats, eggs, protein powder, Baking Powder. I always mix this up good and thick and add almond milk to the mix to increase fluidity and lighten the mix a little. It is important that you don’t have too much of a watery mix though. Finally I add in the Chocolate droppings and and raisins and once again mix it all up.

Prepare two Bread Tins with either grease proof Paper or grease the tin itself in coconut oil or 1kcal cooking spray. Put your Mix into the baking Tin and place in the oven

Bake for: 50min at 180c.

** Tip:

At about the 30-35min mark check to make sure its not burning on top. Take out and place tinfoil over the top of the tin, put it back in and let it continue to cook. You can also add Banana to this mix and I love to put Flaked Almonds on top of the bread, aside from being full of goodnes, look amazing.

Preparation Time:


Serving Suggestion:

This will serve 16 People and is a very low calorie dessert, that all the family can enjoy. You can used like a pudding after a meal if you wish. Heat in Microwave and add a spoon of hot custard over it. Simply delicious..!!

Total: Servings: 12-14 slices

139kcal per slice (Without Optional extras)

153kcal per slice (With the full toppings)

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