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Surviving the Festive Season

Surviving Christmas 101

Just a few thoughts on the Christmas Holidays and staying within a reasonable weight management zone while still enjoying yourself.

Christmas time with staff parties, night outs with friends family get together and of course New Years Celebration. It's so difficult to refuse the luscious foods, festive drinks, that are only too easy to eat & drink. It's food in abundance and seems to be every where. The problem of course is the next day guilty feelings( for some at least), weight gain, feeling sluggish and a bout of depression, for spoiling your impeccable diet. But let's make one thing clear 'life is about living not constant sacrifice'. There's no such thing as a diet in every day living, it's only eating well, and making healthy choices. Diets are for hardcore competitors, athletes & sports people alike. Even then it's vital to relax a little on an occasion. There’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty after having an amazing meal. The only thing you should feel guilty about is not living life to the fullest, especially since you only live the once. Things are hard enough.

It is a fact that even for the most seasoned of us will overdo it at times like Christmas too. It is important to take time out and not be so hard on yourself. One day (or even a few days) of overindulging won’t off set your healthy eating habits too much & plus you have the rest of the year, some 360 days of the year.

1. It is all about living

Nourishment isn’t just about the calories and nutrients it’s also about the experience. The first step is to stop telling yourself how bad things are and at how useless your will power is for thoroughly enjoying some festive treats or an extra few glasses of wine. Going easier on yourself will lead to better digestion and a more efficient metabolic system because you won’t be so stressed out with unnecessary guilt. Drink lots of water the day after a huge meal it'll help flush out and revitalise your system.

2. Water ' The excelsior of Life'

Make sure you drink plenty of water 3-5ltrs. Water is to your body, as oil is to a car. You need it to keep your digestion and metabolism going. It is an important tool to kickstart your digestive system off.

3. Don’t Starve Yourself

So what do I do after sticking my head in a bucket for 2hrs only to come up for some air when need be? That stuffed feeling will stop you from eating further, which unfortunately is the wrong thing to do. Get up and move around. Try space out your time between each course. Give the body a little fighting chance. The next day is crucial. You need food to function. Not eating will make your body think that it's being starved, causing it to hold on to its fat stores. Even if you don’t feel like it, force yourself to eat like a normal.

4. Time to exercise-just simply move I was in Japan earlier this year and being impressed by the array and wonders of the breakfast spread and the joy all too healthy foods that were there. I turned to a colleague who was native and asked him ' I'm intrigued, it is so rare you see an over weight or fat Japanese person, and your foods aren't all raw fish but quite a lot of fried foods too, how is this possible? He turned to me and smiled and with a deep thick Japanese accent, we just keep moving'. Simple!!!! Of course I laughed but in essence, that is the answer, just move. Just take a walk around the block or move around the house finishing up cleaning etc.

5. Tomorrow is a new day

Get up early but without stress and go for a walk before breakfast. Drink some water with fresh lemon in it. Put on your favorite music and give yourself a half an hour. 'If the weather outside is frightful' (sorry couldn't resist 😂) do some jogging on the spot followed by some standing sprints and jumping jacks. If you have a stationary bike or a treadmill take the clothes off them and fire them up. Get some nice healthy protein into you first thing and be consistent with your meals for the rest of the day. 'No excuses, Right..!!'

The New Year set new goals, small achievable goals. Don't be in a hurry to get your results. Anything that has taken time to be produced with patience and dedication is something that will last a very long time. Leave no stone unturned and you don't need a gym to start your healthy life. Do something you really enjoy and set a target, if it is walking to the shop in a normal 10min try walk there in 8min. Keep yourself challenged all the time.

Hope this helps just a little.

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