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Diet & Travel

Having traveled extensively and being concerned about what to eat and the changing time zones upsetting the Circadian cycle, I have come up with a few tips to help aid a better trip. But first lets look into a few things to consider.

1. Are you looking to maintain the weight you are? or are you still looking to lose weight and unfortunately the holiday or wedding etc that you have to go on has now cashed with your wonderful diet plan that you are doing brilliant with.

2. Are you just being overly sensitive about how you look in which case you will stress quite a bit when you holiday not making it much of a holiday really.

3. Are you happy in your skin and happy to relax a little and just go with the flow for a couple of weeks and get right back into things once back home?

Whatever the case maybe, it is important to weigh it all up before our travel.

Travel like anything else in your diet requires a little bit of prep. If you go to the effort of booking your tickets online, investigating a nice hotel, checking out the local beaches bars and restaurants etc, is it not just good practice to have a look into your food. A simple thing that will make your holiday easier and less stressful.


What to do?

Prepare your food in apartment or hotel. Find a local supermarket and get your breakfast products. Look and see what the hotel have on offer for Breakfast, lunch and dinner etc. There will be items, such a fruit, cereals, meat that you can utilize to make up your meals for the day.

I usually buy or bring a couple of containers to put my food into and bring with me to the beach etc. Keep it simple. So what happens if you get caught and can't cook or couldn't get that fresh piece of chicken or Salmon, that you need. Don't panic, that are plenty of packed goods that you can buy directly off the shelf or fridge. they are not the best as they will contain higher salt levels and preservatives. So anywhere you can get the real produce is key, but you'll survive fine on these for a while.

When out ask about having your sauces on the side or if the salad comes already with a dressing on it. Even the veg can be cooked in salts and sugars. Watch out for water out of taps as it may have bacteria that you are not used to likewise with the salads that have been washed. So bottled water is a safer option and hot cooked foods are safer.

The main thing is keep moving. You are on holidays, enjoy the sun, go for a walk or if up for it a run or swim. If it's not a sun holiday you can still get out and about. Once you are active you are burning calories, and once your heart rate increases you are getting a workout done. so take the stairs instead of the lift...!


Don't Stress

The main thing is not to stress out. Relax and enjoy everything you do. If you put yourself under pressure, you will come back feeling like it was all hard work and you didn't have a holiday at all.


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