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Managing the Diet

Starting any diet or healthy nutritional plan leaves us in a world of confusion and unease at the best of times. We find it hard with the new changes and the whole upset of not being able to just throw what we like into our mouths. The thing is (and here's what's important to remember), once you reach your target goal, be it weight gain, weight loss or muscle building, you can relax a little. But with this also comes a 'WARNING' you have now made a lifestyle change and your healthy eating plan is in order, you are doing well, so yes you can have that treat as long as you remember to go back to your helathy eating plan afterwards.

Once you have developed a rountine you will naturally become accustomed to following that and your body has a great way of reminding you if you actually listen to it. Like when you are hungry you feel hungry, when you have eaten too much you feel sluggish. You should eat and feel good and not like you have no choice, but to remain seated and need to unbutton your panse.

Know when to say 'NO'. But remember if you say ' I choose not to eat that', rather than 'Oh, I can't have it' you will see very quickly that you are in control. Our mind will play tricks on us and the longings will continue and continue and continue until we get what we want and it's afterwards we say, 'why did i do that?' and then we are eating depression (excuse the pun). This in istelf starts that viscious cycle off:

Hunger = Craving = Bad Choice = Upset & Disapointment.

We eventually go back to our old ways and have that I can't manage it attitude. So here's a thought. Find what foods you can subsitute with but yet taste great. Break it down further and give yourself options, look at sauces healthier ones, ask for the sauce on the side of the plate. Make it easier for yourself and stay in control. Don't let someone pour your caesar dressing over your food for you. Also try and leave something on the plate or get a smaller plate and fill that. Load up on veg and keep fruit for a completely seperate meal. Don't drink water for at least a half an hour after or an hour before.

Small things lead to an over all larger picture. Once you have developed a structure stick to that and if you must deviate do planned if you can. This brings us to the point of planning your meals. If you know what you are doing tomorrow prepare your foods for it. That leaves little chance to messing up. If you are full then it is obvius you wont start craving and longing for sweets and curries etc.

All in all make it work for you. Try not to copy someone else unless it is very similar to your own circumstances. Make your diet work around your lifestyle not the other way around.

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