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Keeping things simple

So we all struggle with getting it right especially after the festive season. We have most likely overindulged or at least left oursleves exposed to the one or three chocolate biscuits and occassional one or ten pints of Guiness. It is time to sit back now and rather ease into your diet instead of going cold turkey (excuse the pun ) and start making those changes again to a more healthier you. Set small goals ones that are achieveable, ones that you know you will be able to accomplish. So if you started back eating a biscuit with tea in the evenings, try cut that out. Fill up through out the day with good complex Carbs and healthy fats to help keep at bay those cravings.

Try and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Do not burn the candle at both ends, getting up early and into bed late. The body's time for growth & recovery is while you are resting and recharging. Remember you break the body down in the gym or training facility and build it back up again while recovering. Give it what it needs to repair quickly and efficiently and then your energy levels will go through the roof. As a result you become more motivated and your goals become more exotic and ACHIEVABLE...!

So start small and keep it simple. If you build it, it will happen.


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