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Make it a Lifestyle Change Not a quick Fix

It’s a Lifestyle Change, not a Quick Fix

Fad diets simply are Fads..!!! If you devoted only a quarter of your time to the basics and the real methods for weight loss by having a balanced plate with a solid mix of Carbs, Proteins & Fats. This also means balancing out your calories to

Match your physical output.

I remember working with a particular GAA Team and going through their nutrition for play and recovery while in season, which was effective as the output was impressive and changed many dynamics, amongst players increasing energy levels & recovery was certainly much quicker. However after a short lay off during 'off season', some continued to Eat the very same as they did while in the full Swing of competition and when I weighed them In again and did the usual health, body fat checks they had piled on weight. Of they were bewildered and mentioned that 'I stuck to my diet'. They did but unfortunately they sat around more, stayed away from the Gym and field so there caloric output changed dramatically and so should have their diets to match the new lifestyle change.

There's nothing new and exciting about eating your bog standard food, but it’s the only method that has been proven by science to be helpful for realistic weight loss and long term weight maintenance. Why? It's natures Magical 'Fast Food' it goes in does what it's got to do and leaves as it should do. We aren't what we eat, but rather what we absorb.

It doesn't have to be boring

Summer Fruit Trifle - Jason Kenny

Sweet Banana & Almond Cake with Custard

It doesn't have to be, be creative and look for ways to use your veg & meat. Make your own sauces and explore options with fruit. You'd be shocked with dishes you'll come up with and how 3 ingredients can simply create the most palate exploding tastes that the whole family can enjoy.

Kids love colour, adults love presentation. Put it together and you've a recipe for success and immune building, fat stripping, body repairing meals. Our brains trick us into believing we are having this wonderful vibrant and luscious food, so it's all about perception and satisfying just 3 1/2 - 4 inches from the front of our mouths to the back of our throats. Once it hits the back of our throats, peristalsis takes over and it's handsfree from there Ladies & Gents. So next time you don't want to eat your veg think of the benefits of what you're eating.

Scientists have only been able to identify certain vitamins and minerals in our foods, the ones they can't Identify are known as phytochemicals or phytonutrients. As an example a tomato has Vitamin A, C, K & B but there are 40,000 phytonutrients that are unidentified, the only thing that is known for sure is how powerful it is. Multiply that by the rest of your fruit and veg and it's a no brainer really.

So if you're crash dieting, or caught up On the latest fad diet re-evaluate what is been taken from it. What nutritional elements are left out and what are the long term effects of such diets.

In short you must get your Balance right, do that and you're on your way to better longevity and a healthier you.

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