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Body Transformation

8 week Plan is loaded with colorful and exciting recipes, that covers, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.  Included in this amazing plan is new and exclusive  Body weight workout Plan. This Body Transformation plan will give you all the tools necessary to help you transform your body and become a happier, healthier, fitter version of yourself.

  • 16 workout videos

  • Standard Plan and Vegetarian Plan

  • Mobile-friendly App

  • No Gym Required

  • Reminders

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Easy to do Exercise programs on the go

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Incredible Recipes 

This 8 week Plan is designed to help educate you, to help you create some healthy habits and stay on track with daily reminders. loaded with colorful and exciting recipes, that covers, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks to choose from, just to keep it a little more interesting.  

  • Amazing Recipes to Choose from

  • Vegetarian Plan Option

  • New Recipe Idea each week​

  • weekly shopping List

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Training Plan

This 8 week Body weight training Plan is simple yet effective. It is designed to be done anywhere and no need to worry about equipment. In todays world we often find that we can be restricted and time, travel and cost isn't always on our side. This takes all of this away and the guess work out of it. You can now train in your living room, hotel room, or in the park, you decide.

  • Easy to follow Videos

  • A quick start guide to help you

  • Complete Body Workout

  • Workout when and where you like​

  • 25-30min of your Day dedicated to you

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Business & Health 

This 8 week Exercise & Diet Plan is simple yet effective. This is ideal for the busy worker and needs to get a workout in on the go BUT also at home or the office  no need to worry about equipment. This is a brilliant incentive for any company to invest in their work force.

  • Awesome Videos

  • A quick start guide to help you

  • Complete Body Workout

  • Activity Tracker

  • Weekly Check in 

  • New Weekly Recipe

  • Incredible Recipes easy to follow

  • 25-30min of your Day Training sessions

  • Zoom Call

Step oNe

Fill in your details and 

just follow the steps

Select your plan

Select your 8 week plan or select the Vegetarian option

Access your Plan

Just Click on the link provided to gain acces to your plan

Get app

Download the APP and have access to your program on your Phone

Rugby Ball

To make a dramatic change in your life it takes determination and true grit. Simply going through the motions is not enough. To get that edge on others you need to be doing something extra. You need to be consistent with your nutrition, training and doing what others are not willing to do. 

Jason Kenny

JK Body Weight Training
Vegetarian Option

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