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Comparing your life to who you should be…WTF??

Dealing with Negativity

Here I am getting on with things in my own little world, setting my goals and targets for the next phase in my body transformation and then suddenly it’s interrupted by someone with a negative comment. How did I deal with it? Well like most I took it personally, it really affected me and was enough to upset my day, even my week. You see we have an image in our own minds of ourselves and of how we should be, who we should look like and about establishing ourselves on the social spectrum. It’s all about feeding that self image and pleasing others. EGO is an awful thing. In our minds we imagine what other people think of us and at how amazing we are. The reality is you will have those who are genuinely interested and and admire what you do and you will always have those unfortunately that just do not like you and form an opinion of you, eventhough they may never have actually met you. We have all been guilty of having an issue with some one just because they are either different, or are successful.

I have spent my time comparing myself to others and measuring my success on theirs. I have also compared my failures to theirs and when they fail at something I embrace it as almost a justification for my own failings. This is totally insane stuff….!Why is this happening and why give any consideration to this at all? Would it not have been more productive to look at what others have achieved and learn from it? Of course it would. To top it off it should be imperative that we don’t measure or success to theirs, as in our own right we have many successes it’s just we are too busy to recognise them. You should be celebrating your own life achievements and take a step back and realise , that if someone has an issue with you and tries to pull you into their shit it is high time you realise ‘it’s not your circus, and it’s not your monkey’. If you are talking about me, then thank you, you are drawing more attention to my success, my achievements and bringing in more and more business for me. It is all free, and they have taken time out of their day to look in and make comparisons and judge. It is when people stop talking about you good or bad, is when you really need to sit back and worry, that you are not doing enough.

Who cares what anyone else thinks.

Are you happy? Are your stressed? Are you bored? Are you upset? Are you angry? These are but a few of the questions you need to find an answer for. I only started to make gains and move forward, when I stopped giving a shit what others thought. Suddenly I was free. Free to get on with my life and whatever others said, it was not going to keep me up at night and hold me back. I remember a priest many years ago in school saying to the class, that ‘The greatest gift you can give someone is the power to hurt you’. That as a young teen for some reason or another stayed with me through out my life. You see if you simply say I am not going to allow you to hurt me, they can’t. You take back control. What is even better, you are really going to piss them off even more if you are nice to them and smile and say hello. But hey, you are a nice person anyway so, why not smile and say hello to everyone. After all we do live in Ireland, where it is common to nod and say hello to complete strangers. These are positive actions and affirmations. Set yourself free from worrying what others think and say.

In a World where Personal Development, Physical Development and Spiritual Growth, are now hot topics, wouldn’t it be fair to say that we have the answers written out for us? People seem to be always looking for that state of happiness and Satisfaction. But at some point in your life you will feel bad, you will hit that wall and it will seem endless with no obvious solution. The thing is you find that people, who are the most affected and not able to move on the very ones who are head down in book after book on self help, yet they seem to be more stressed than anyone else. If the books were any good in the first place, should they not have worked? Stop, think and Do…! That’s it

Achieving your fitness Goals

Write down two goals each day and if you are achieving those goals you are doing so much more, than simply making it through the day. You are achieving your dreams, you are living. Try new sports, new ways to achieve your results. Look at different sports and different ways to accomplish your goals. You see the body learns to adapt and if you continue to do the same thing over and over again it will eventually reset. All the work you used to do before is now suddenly not getting you the same results. So you will need to change it up. Life is about challenging yourself and when you stop worrying about things, you start to look at problems as a journey of new exploration. They no longer hold you back, but rather encourage you to do it differently. If you have always used the treadmill to do HIIT training then, try get into the pool and trash that water flat out for one length and slow and steady for the next. If you can’t swim, get on the ergometer. There are a million ways, but let nothing hold you back. You are unique, special and there is no one like you. No one glove fits all, make that journey yours and yours only. Think of all the things that you can do with your life and how you can make a difference. Fitness and health are contagious and it will always attract the attention of those around you. So while you are doing what you are doing you are inspiring others.

Leave your Mark

Life is way too short to be caught up on social norms and worries. It is easy of course to say. But trust me the minute you start to let go. You are FREE. I am not saying step away from responsibility but rather start learning to live. Think of it this way, when you are born they write your birth date on the left and when you die the date is on the right. It is that dash in the middle that is the most important part, that is your mark. That is what was your legacy. When you start living for that dash you are going to start pushing yourself past that point of exertion, you are going to remember why you are living in the first place.

So let no one hold you back. Enjoy life and all it has to offer. Don’t worried about what others think. Take every problem and turn it into a challenge. Life changes so quickly and that is fact. If you are a creature of habit you will struggle immensely with this. So, remember this no matter what you do, challenge yourself, and do not compare yourself to others. You will be a positive influence for some people and for others you will be a radical and almost an embarrassment. To be great you need to challenge yourself. There will always be haters, and unless you sit and hide away in your bedroom you will not avoid them. If you want to be the best you can be then you have to realise you will be criticised by someone no matter what. So, start not giving a FUCK and enjoy your life. It’s yours, you own and you are in charge.

‘When you do not seek or need approval, you are at your most powerful’.

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